Great shop. As most others note, it's a no frills barber but the price is fantastic for the quality of service you receive. They do at least a good a job as places three times the price but then again my requirements for a hair cut are pretty simple.

— Josh S.

I can count in a consistent haircut whenever I stop by Jim's Barber Shop. They have a clean place and will take you in even when they are scheduled to close within a few minutes of your arrival.

— Javier M.

Really love this place. The guy is really nice and always remembers the type of haircut I get. Never had to wait that long and its really cheap. Amazing for DC!!

— Hiren N.


I almost hesitate to tell anyone about this place because I don't want it to ever get crowded, but I feel I owe it to them to confirm what everyone else on here has been saying. It's a fantastic haircut at a really great price. Amazing skill and attention to detail. Could not be happier.

— Susan L.

Finally found a great place to get a decent haircut. After jumping around between Supercuts and Hair Cuttery, I decided to give Jim's Barber Shop a try since it is near my office and affordable. I've been extremely impressed with my experiences there after one year of visits every 5 weeks. I especially appreciate their consistent cuts. I know what I am going to get each time I go there. Overall, a great value from meticulous, hard working guys. Highly recommend.

— David B.


Great haircut, good value, convenient hours, what more do you need?
Other barbershops in the area had devolved into lazily using clippers as a substitute for scissors, offering a poor, choppy cut. The barbers at Jim's take their time and give you a quality cut.

— Tim C.

Haircut is perfect every single time without fail. Their vacuum-razors keep the little hairs on your neck to a minimum. $16 cut. Everybody is friendly. Best barbershop.

— Kevin P.